ESGIs in Pictures

While many features have remained the same, Study Groups have also evolved over the years. Here are some selected photos from past ESGIs.

If you have photos that you would like to contribute to the ESGI Gallery, please contact Judy Reynolds.

ESGI76 – Lyngby, Denmark, August 2010

ESGI76 is notable for the quality of the photos taken: Thorkild Christensen took some excellent shots of mathematicians in action at the study group, and we are very grateful for his permission to use them on the ESGI website.

ESGI49 – Oxford, UK, March 2004

These photos from ESGI49 in Oxford show some of the mathematics, discussion, and experiments (!) that happened when an ESGI was held in the old Mathematical Institute building in 2004.

ESGI100 – Oxford, UK, April 2014

The photos from ESGI100 in Oxford show the celebrations and panel discussions when ESGI was held in the new Andrew Wiles building in 2014.

ESGI107 – Manchester, UK, April 2015

Gareth Jones at Manchester kindly sent us these photos from ESGI107.